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Tuesday, 11/12/2018, 3:04:48 PM
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Look Sexier

If you want to look sexier, then the key is to SMILE.

Research has shown that men find women who smile more approachable, and attractive too – perhaps no massive leap made there – but interestingly that they also find women who smile often more sexy.

So if you want to look that bit sexier then stop the frowning and start smiling!

Increase your sex appeal, groom your looks and look sexier

They say that there’s a sex kitten simmering within every one of us. Well, if you feel a stab of envy every time you browse through a Cosmo or an Elle, it’s about time you took that step -towards looking utterly sexy and sensuous. But assuming that you don’t possess an hourglass figure, designer clothes or a million dollar smile, how can you unleash the sex kitten within you?

Well, looking sexy is a simpler feat than you might think.!

Love Your Body type.
You need to feel proud of your body type and make a note of your best features. Nice legs, a great bust line, slim shoulders, nice toes, attractive eyes? Figure it out, literally. Then capitalize on those assets.

The Sexy Ensemble.
So what if your hips stretch for miles? How about concentrating on your neckline, then and getting the sexiest set of plungers ever? Basically you need to get together a wardrobe that camouflages the bulges and accentuates all the curves, but most of all makes you feel comfortable.

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