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FSM & Toxicology 1

Cephalic index is useful in determining (MAHE 99)
a. Age
b. Sex
c. Race
d. Stature
Pure Aryans have which type of skull (JIPMER 80) 
a. Mesaticephalic
b. Brachycephalic
c. Dolichocephalic
d. None
Skull with rounded orbit and rounded nasal openings with
horseshoe shaped palate and cephalic index above 80 is seen in
(AI 2002)
a. European
b. Negroes
c. Mongol
d. Aryans
The cephalic index of Indian population is between (AI 04)
a. 70-75
b. 75-80
c. 80-85
d. 85-90
A Cephalic index of 73 and a sternal index of less than 50 percent
would identify the skeleton of a
a. Caucasoid Female
b. Caucasoid male
c. Negroid female
d. Negroid male
Best specimen of bone for sex determination is (KERALA 94)
a. Femur
b. Pelvis
c. Skull
d. Mandible
Female pelvis is differentiated from male pelvis by (AP 98)
a. Iliac crest
b. Preauricular sulcus well marked
c. Preauricular sulcus less differentiated
d. Pubic symphysis
A female pelvis differs from male pelvis by that all except (DELHI 89)
a. Obtuse subpubic angle
b. Broad greater sciatic foramen
c. Broad lesser sciatic foramen
d. Prominent muscle markings
Female pelvis is differentiated from male pelvis by (AP 98)
a. Iliac crest
b. Preauricular sulcus well marked
c. Preauricular sulcus less differentiated
d. Pubic symphysis
Skull of a male differs from that of a female by all of the following except (DELHI 93)
a. Capacity greater than 1500CC
b. Muscular markings over occiput are less marked
c. Orbits square
d. Frontal eminence small
If the angle of mandible is obtuse it means that the bone belongs to (DELHI 96)
a. Adult male
b. Adult female
c. Young female child
d. Elderly person
To determine the age of 17years old girl, which of the following is to be radiographed (PGI 88)
a. Wrist
b. Knee
c. Ankle
d. Elbow
Closure of coronal suture starts at the age of (AIIMS 85)
a. 20 years
b. 25 years
c. 30-35 years
d. 50-60 years
Foetal parts can be detected by X-ray usually by (DELHI 88)
a. 8 weeks
b. 12 weeks
c. 14 weeks
d. 16 weeks
Patella completely ossify by the age of (PGI 84)
a. 6 years
b. 10 years
c. 14 years
d. 21 years
The centre of ossification appears in the lower end of femur by (AP 92)
a. 36 weeks of IU life
b. 34 weeks
c. 32 weeks
d. 30 weeks
Ossification centre appearing just before birth is (AI 90)
a. Lower end of femur
b. Lower end of Tibia
c. Upper end of Humerus
d. Scaphoid
Lower end of femur can help in determination of (PGI 85)
a. Age
b. Height
c. Weight
d. Stature
Multiplying factor for estimating stature from humerus in males (AIIMS 84)
a. 10-12
b. 5-6
c. 7-9
d. 9-10
The age of 15yr old female is best determined by the radiograph of (PGI 87)
a. Lower end - Radius ulna
b. Upper end-Humerus
c. Upper end-Radius ulna
d. Xiphisternum
Second molar erupts at (AI 91)
a. 6 years
b. 12 years
c. 18-22 years
d. 25-28 years
A girl of 10years will have__ permanent and__ temporary teeth (DNB 90)
a. 8,12
b. 8,16
c. 12,12
d. 16,8
Eruption of temporary teeth will be completed by (Kerala 90)
a. 1- 11/2 years
b. 2- 2 1/2 years
c. 3-4 years
d. 4-5 years
Estimation of age examination of teeth is by (AP 91)
a. Gustafson method
b. Galtons method
c. Pearson’s method
d. Bertillons method
The period of mixed dentition is between the ages of (ORISSA - 98)
a. 2-5years
b. 6-11 years
c. 12-14years 
d. 15-17years
Which of the following is likely to be the age, with 20 permanent
teeth & 8 temporary teeth (AI 2001)
a. 9 years
b. 10
c. 11
d. 12
Gustafson’s method of age determination from teeth is useful in
which of the following age group (KAR 2002)
a. less than 5 years
b. 6-10 years
c. 11-15 years
d. Above 25 years
The most reliable criteria in gustaffson’s method of identification
is (AI 05)
a. Cementum apposition
b. Transparency of root
c. Attrition
d. Root Resorption Anthropometry Dactylography
Which of the following is best for establishing identity (DELHI 85) 
a. Anthropometry
b. Dactylography
c. Hair examination
d. Blood
Most reliable method of identification of a person (Rajasthan 97)
a. Gustafsons method
b. Galton method
c. Anthropometry
d. Scars
The make a positive identification with the help of a partial finger
point, the points of similarity should be at least (DNB 89)
a. 10
b. 12
c. 16
d. 20
Most common type of finger print is (AI 2000)
a. Loop
b. Arch
c. Composite
d. Whorl
Dactylography institute was first established in (MP 2000, SGPGI 2001)
a. Kolkata
b. Madras
c. Paris
d. London
Finger Print Bureau was first established in: (all India 2006)
1. England
2. China
3. India
4. Singapore 
Identical twins may not have and will not have (KAR 96)
a. Same DNA fingerprint
b. Same fingerprint pattern
c. Same blood group
d. Same HLA system Other methods
What is DNA fingerprinting (PGI 97)
a. Identification of a person finger printing by using genetic engineering method
b. A record of persons genetic make up
c. Identification of person by genetic analysis
d. None of the above
A Convict whose family or relations were not known and no biolo- gical sample was available with jail authorities escaped from jail. A dead body resembling the convict was found in near by forest, but due to mutilation of face identity could not be established. The positive identity that he is the same convict who escaped from jail can be established by (AI 04)
a. Blood grouping
b. DNA profile
c. Anthropometry
d. HLA Typing
Pearsons formula is used for (AIIMS 83)
a. Cephalic index
b. Stature
c. Race
d. Age
Super imposition technique is used in (AI - 90)
a. Skull
b. Blood group
c. Femur
d. Ribs
Human hair differs form animal hair by that (DELHI 89)
a. Cuticle has short scales
b. Medulla is thick
c. Medulla is broader than cortex
d. Pigment is central
Absent fragmented medulla of hair is seen in all except (AI 98)
a. Mongols
b. Negroid
c. Caucasians
d. Servo Crotarians
Absent fragmented medulla is seen in all except (AI 98)
a. Negroid
b. Aryans
c. Mongoloids
d. Caucasians
Tatoo is useful in identifying ------- body (AI 91)
a. Living
b. Dead
c. Decomposed
d. Burnt
Cheiloscopy is the study of (TN 2002)
a. Footprints
b. Palatal prints
c. Finger prints
d. Lip prints
Species identification is done by (AI 03)
a. Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)
b. Precipitin Test
c. Benzidine Test
d. Spectroscopy

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